Welcome to my travel site

Throughout the years I have learned so much from other travelers I met online or in real life. This website is my way of paying it forward. Feel free to 'follow' and leave comments! I hope my website helps other travelers find general travel savviness and suggestions for cool places. It is also a way …

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Cycling in the Ruhr area, Germany 2022

In May / June 2022 I spent a week cycling (on my human-powered bike, not an e-bike ;-)) and seeing surprising sights in the former industrial area Ruhrgebiet in Germany. Most of the city centers are quite ugly but there are cool industrial sites all over the place. Many former mines and factories are now open for visits. The whole region is very green, has picturesque old villages with half-timbered houses and some excellent bike paths.

Germany + Austria 2021

In September 2021 I finally went outside of the Netherlands for the first time in 18 months. My own country is beautiful but I had missed real mountains. I was very lucky with dry sunny days for 3 weeks except a few foggy or rainy hours here and there. I hiked loads of kilometers and …

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The history of my last name “Obertop”

The corona crisis gives me plenty of time to re-read the history of my last name, as investigated and written by distant cousin Frank Obertop in a work of almost 100 pages. Obertop stems from the name *Topp* in Westfalen, Germany and has traveled wide and far… My ancestors turn out to have been quite the …

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Lapland, Finland 2020

Early January 2020 I made an 8 day trip to Ylläsjärvi in Finnish Lapland. See more here! Trip report and photos Practical tips about clothing, daylight, aurora and more I booked the trip as a package holiday through TUI Netherlands. I don't normally book package deals but for Finland it was a lot cheaper and …

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Berlin 2019

Thursday 26 September - Monday 30 September 2019 My 8th visit to my 2nd most favorite city in the world: Berlin! ♥ (My most favorite city is my home town Amsterdam of course :-)) Unfortunately we had quite a lot of rain on 4 of our 5 days there, but that did not keep us …

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Munich and the Alps, Germany

Monday 20 May - Saturday 25 May 2019 For a number of years now I had been curious about Munich: a big city but also close to the Alps. Various people warned me that it's not as cool and quirky as Berlin, in fact kind of posh and maybe even boring. However, online I found …

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Venice, Italy

Sunday 19 - Monday 20 May 2019 Venice never appealed to me because of the crowdedness and hardly any locals living there anymore. But it was a convenient stopover between Croatia and Germany. There is a direct train from Venice through the Alps to Munich. Both that train ride and visiting Munich are things I've …

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