Indonesia, Australia, Chile, Bolivia, Peru 1997-1998

From May 1997 until April 1998 I travelled around the world for 11.5 months with my friend Petra.


I didn’t keep an online journal at the time but here is a short summary. We spent 2 months in Indonesia; Java and Bali, travelling around by public bus and by boat.

Then we went to Australia for 4 months where we worked and saved up money most of the time. In Perth I worked as a dishwasher and a telemarketeer. Petra was a waitress and a telemarketeer. We bought a Holden Panelvan (nicknamed Fuck Truck by the Australians) and crossed the continent with it in 4 weeks time. We passed the Nullarbor Plain, Adelaide, Melbourne and ended up in Sydney. Driving through that vast continent was amazing! We sold the car with a profit and worked some more as waitresses.
Click here
to read a travel story in Dutch.
Click here
to read about how we saw a baby whale being born on the south coast!

Our flight from Sydney took us to Amsterdam first, as that was the cheapest way with the plane tickets. So we stayed in the Netherlands for 10 days to see friends, change clothes, and on we went!

5.5 months in South America. We flew to Santiago in Chile. We spent 3 weeks in expensive Chile, hopped the border to Bolivia where we spent around 2 months (worked in a soup kitchen during X-mas), then went on to Peru, where we travelled around for 2 months and worked as English teachers for 1 month. In these countries we saw fascinating landscapes, with hot springs and geysers, coloured mountains and lakes, deep valleys with condors, sealions in the ocean, floating reed islands and many more stunning things. Click here to read a short story about the El Tatio geysers in Chile (written in Dutch).
Unfortunately the road to Ecuador was destroyed by the floods caused by El Niño, so we did not get to go there. But Peru and Bolivia’s wonderful landscapes and people made up for that. We were even in a Peruvian nationwide newspaper, picture and all!

In later years on I wrote a few short posts about things we encountered during our trip.

Photos and short trip reports


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