Medellín again

Friday 8th February 2013 (continued) Police hassle... We spent a few hours going to three different police posts in a taxi until the third one was able to make up a report of my stolen phone. Only the chef to sign it wasn't there and was supposed to come within an hour. The lady who …

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Safety tips

If you listen to co-workers or your uncle, you can not go to Colombia, Tanzania or Amsterdam and come back in one piece. People love to share horror stories and to them it's not so important if they are fifth-hand or actually accurate. Fear of the unknown All those scare mongers make you feel like …

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How to prepare for a long trip

What (not) to bring? Safety and health do's & don'ts? Useful websites? And lots of practical 'granny tips'... This is a list of tips I compiled while I was traveling through Indonesia, Australia, Chile, Bolivia and Peru with my friend Petra for a total of one year. Since then I have been on solo holidays …

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