Amsterdam tips: links and other locals

22106-cecile_obertop_IMG_4074Here are some links to other pages full of info about the city.

I Amsterdam

The city’s website for visitors and expats with lots of info about events, museums, hotels, parking, etc.

Your Little Black Book

YLBBA fantastic website full of the latest new hotspots such as rooftop cinema nights, hip new coffee cafes, vegan lunch places, cocktail bars, festivals. Edited by a few local ladies.

Mik: eastside and westside

2705-salsa_cecile_obertopA lot like Your Little Black Book. A local lady who keeps track of all the trendy new shops, cafes and restaurants, festivals, courses.

Spotted by locals

The website Spotted by locals gives you all kinds of random ‘off the beaten track’ tips by people who live in Amsterdam but is by no means complete.

Amsterdam off the beaten track

west_cecile_obertopThis thread in the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree has many excellent suggestions for ‘off the beaten track’ places to go and things to do in Amsterdam.

TimeOut Amsterdam

What’s on? Check TimeOut Amsterdam. Also check out their good suggestions for 20 great things to do.


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