Back home… all good things come to an end

Then very early Sunday morning my holiday came to an end as I flew home at 2.30 a.m.! Boo hooo.... The 12 hour flight was okay, I had an aisle seat which enabled me to get quite some sleep. Arrived in Amsterdam early morning, about 9 am. In Amsterdam it's about 25 degrees cooler than …

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A few last days in Bangkok

Thursday 12th November 2009 So, back to Bangkok! This time I made a point of not staying in the 'Damrak of Bangkok', that horrible Khao San Road area, even though I was arriving there by bus and was supposed to meet friends there later. The bus from Ko Chang came in from the eastern side …

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Ultra relaxing on Ko Chang (Thailand)

Sunday 8th November 2009 Loooong overland trip I knew the trip here was going to be a tough one because I wanted to try and avoid flying, one because I hate flying and airports and security checks, two because of the environment. I was expecting it to take two or three days, so in hindsight …

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4000 islands, paradise in the Mekong river

Wednesday 4th November Si Phan Don = 4000 Islands is sooooo mellow and laid-back.... :-))) I've got my private bamboo bungalow on the island called Don Khon(e) with a porch and hammock and beach chairs overlooking the Mekong, sunset side... Life on the islands is slow and friendly... good food and drinks... The Australians :-/

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Back to Pakse

3rd November - back to Pakse Back to the hub in the south: Pakse. Slept late, had an easy-going breakfast in Tat Lo at Tim's restaurant, which is run by a nice guy Soulideth and his wife Tim. Soulideth speaks very good English and has been collecting jazz music for over 20 years, which he …

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Tat Lo waterfall

- EDIT in 2015 - In hindsight I would not ride an elephant, with the knowledge I have today, nor recommend others doing that. At the time I did not know how uncomfortable and unnatural it is for the elephant. I thought it was a lot like riding horses. I now understand why my elephant …

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Loooong bus ride to Pakse

31st October - bus trip Thakhek - Pakse This day turned out to be a loooong one. I wanted to do the 6-7 hour bus ride south, from Thakhek to Pakse. Some locals had told Ilse and me that buses started running in that direction early morning. But when I got to the station at …

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