Amsterdam tips: recommended museums

Although Amsterdam is mostly known abroad for other things, the city features many fantastic museums. Only visit Van Gogh museum if you actually like his work. I personally prefer other museums like: Huis Marseille (photography) FOAM (photography) Rijksmuseum reopened in 2013 after 10 years of renovations and turned out splendid. It contains works of the …

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Sicily 2017

11 days road tripping through wonderful Sicily. Amazing food, friendly people, beautiful vistas, lovely historical towns. Way too much to see for only 11 days.

Cool coal mine

On the way back home I stopped for a few hours and visited Zeche Zollverein in Essen. This former coal mine and cokes factory gives tours through the old factory, has a few cool industrial cafes, and features the Red Dot design museum. This museum displays design products of all kinds: furniture, lamps, bikes, vacuum …

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Fantastic photo expo in Clervaux castle (LUX)

I'm so happy I found the brochure about this photo exhibition in the Echternach tourist info bureau, a completely different town! In recent years I've always made a point of checking the tourist info bureau for brochures, leaflets, info, walks... and have always found great ideas there, also for the more obscure and hidden exhibitions and …

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My map with recommended places (2015 info) Sunday 27 September I got into Málaga on the high speed AVANT train from Córdoba. Went to the marina in evening, lovely place to stroll around.  The moon was hanging very low and red and was shining in the sea. Monday 28 September Went to the beach, it was …

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Madrid (2)

Saturday 19 September After having had the rental car for 6 days I dropped it off in Madrid again and spent 5 more nights there in a modern apartment in the funky multicultural neighborhood Lavapies, which suited me better than the extremely touristy Calle de la Cruz I stayed in before. Lavapies also has its …

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Tuesday 15 September After my disappointing time in Aranjuez I was happy to have found my way easily to Toledo. As recommended by my Airbnb hostess called Valle, I parked for free by the bus station and took a taxi to my apartment in central Toledo (which is draped over a steep hill). I was …

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