Berlin and surroundings 2016

A 10 day holiday in one of my favorite places on earth: Berlin! 😀

I had visited 6 times before but I can’t get enough of this place. If it weren’t for my life back home (friends, work, beach volleyball etc) I’d move there.


Open air karaoke in Mauerpark


I drove over by car and brought my own bike. I must have ridden my bike for more than 150 kilometers throughout the entire city.

Hohenschönhausen prison

I stayed in two different apartments in Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.

Outside Berlin I also visited Potsdam, and Beelitz-Heilstätten, an old hospital complex used by Russians, and before that it was the tuberculosis health resort for Berlin.

Some new discoveries for me in Berlin:

  • Hohenschönhausen prison, also used by Stasi
  • Mauerpark flea market on Sunday
  • The open air karaoke in Mauerpark on Sunday!
  • Berliner Unterwelten bunkers and unused metro tunnels
  • Wedding area, Neuköln area
  • Vietnamese restaurant Chay Viet, Brunnenstrasse
  • Kaffeebar for breakfast/lunch, lovely big salads and great coffee, Graefestrasse
  • Morning Glory breakfast cafe, Kastanienallee
  • Tempelhof former airfield, now a recreational area
  • More Berlin tips here!

Open air karaoke

This is a compilation of my time at the open air karaoke in Mauerpark. Wait for the ‘cute’ (?) girl at the end. 🙂

Some random things I noticed this time:

  • Apparently ‘ciao’ has become more popular than ‘tschüss’.
  • A lot of times when people at the next cafe/restaurant table left they said goodbye to me. Much more so than in the Netherlands.
  • Cycling in Berlin is so mellow and quiet! No scooters and mopeds like in Amsterdam!
  • The air doesn’t smell of coal anymore like it did in 2000 when I was first there.



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