My map with recommended places (2015 info)

Sunday 27 September

I got into Málaga on the high speed AVANT train from Córdoba. Went to the marina in evening, lovely place to stroll around.  The moon was hanging very low and red and was shining in the sea.

This is not me by the way 😉

Monday 28 September

Went to the beach, it was nice and quiet, I relaxed below some trees in half sun half shade shade. Guys came by selling cold canned drinks for very little money. Perfect!     Later on I walked a bit farther to look for a place for the next day. Had some food at the 14.1443312000.caleta-beach-in-m-lagalittle restaurant at Caleta beach. The waiter was a funny guy en very friendly.  I took a long and slow walk back through the surf.    I walked back to the city via the seaside park. Gave water to skittish stray cats. An open little tin was already there, apparently other people always give them water too.

In my own street (Calle Peña) some skinny, old, shifty-looking guys are always hanging about, I wonder if they are drug dealers. But they never bother me.

I feel no need for socializing with couchsurfers or other people. They have IPA beer, and 4 craft beer cafes. The one I went to, Arte & Sana, even sells various Dutch beers by De Molen (not ‘t IJ), including Vuur & Vlam IPA.

Tuesday 29 September

14.1443312000.park-near-the-boulevardHalf clouded day. Slept late, then went to the lovely cafe Noviembre for brunch and sorting photos.  Wandered around to find Ultimo Mono cafe which was recommended in a blog. It was a tiny cafe, very nice and cozy and a little bohemian, big soft seats, good chai latte and friendly staff, always chatty.

Ended up in a shopping street. Found a really nice leather shop Kupka, funny man working there, bought bracelets as presents and for me (custom made), €55 for 3.

Went and had a look at the cathedral, it was closed, I want to see it inside when it’s open. Went up roof terrace on 15th floor (American counting) of Málaga Palacio hotel, view over harbor and marina, clouded but with some pink sunsetty colors. Had a beer but it was cold with wind. Two sets of people asked me to take their photos.

14.1443312000.cafe-con-librosHad pintxos at La Taberna del Pintxo Alcazaba. Very nice place, they keep passing by with different pintxos (Basque tapas including a little piece of bread) and you can take one, or pass. You gather all the pins that were in the pintxo and they are your ‘bill’. The different colored pins mark the price level.

Watched a movie on my laptop, “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”, beautiful!

Wednesday 30 September

Slept late. Lounged on a beach bed at Caleta beach. It was a bit chilly, some clouds and wind.  Had a quick vegetarian dinner, then to the cinema, saw ‘5 Flights Up’ with Morgan Freeman.

Thursday 1 October

Can’t remember… Beach again? Got bored more quickly. Climbed up to castle on the hill, wonderful views but had to pee so badly! No where to sneakily go. At last down in the center a cafe allowed me to use their toilet. Relief!


Friday 2 October

Slept late, clouded day, went to see the cathedral, impressive, discovered some cute streets along the way. Had chai lattes at arty little cafe El Último Mono. The people who work there are chatty and sweet. Watched a movie on laptop. Saw a procession outside.

Saturday 3 October

Centre Pompidou

Slept late. Went to Centre Pompidou museum by the shore, some interesting and beautiful artworks there. Bought a nice book for Rowena. The museum is on the boulevard so afterwards I walked around a bit, watched the basketball event, had some beers in the milky sun that burned my nose. 🙂 Went and sat on the beach for a while too, staring out over the sea and enjoying the salty air.

Watched a movie on laptop. Saw bachelor parties in my street. Heard other people partying until 6am…

Sunday 4 October

Got up 8.30 am and showered and packed. Walked towards the train station to go to the airport; I had already figured out that a nice bike cafe was near there to have breakfast. Recyclo Bike Cafe. The hipster people were a little more distant, like they enjoy biking more than running the cafe. But the food was good. Train ride to airport was a smooth 15 minute ride and very cheap, €1.80. Killed time sitting with a view of planes departing. Boarding took quite long. A TV sports commentator Jack van Gelder was on the same plane. 🙂


“Devour Málaga” food tours has a nice blog with all kinds of up-to-date suggestions about Málaga.


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