Fantastic photo expo in Clervaux castle (LUX)

I'm so happy I found the brochure about this photo exhibition in the Echternach tourist info bureau, a completely different town! In recent years I've always made a point of checking the tourist info bureau for brochures, leaflets, info, walks... and have always found great ideas there, also for the more obscure and hidden exhibitions and …

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Vianden castle in Luxembourg

Echternach – Berdorf hike

The Echternacht tourist bureau had recommended the 11 kilometer E1 hike which forms a loop from Echternach to Berdorf and back another way. It's supposed to take 4 hours (going up- and downhill a lot). I expected to need more but it was actually very accurate, even including several breaks. Good signposts They said it …

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Historical Trier

It was going to be a very rainy day so instead of doing the hike I had in mind, I visited Trier in Germany, and Echternach in Luxembourg. Trier turned out to be a pleasant town. Parking was quite expensive though. I had a good lunch at some Italian place. Visited the cathedral, did some …

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Sleepy border town Ralingen as a base

After a fun weekend with 8 friends and a baby in the Twente region in the Netherlands, and having to be in Twente again 6 days later, I decided to spend the in between time holidaying. Hiking in the Müllerthal region in Luxembourg was my main goal. This hotel in Ralingen - though in Germany …

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