Amsterdam tips: recommended museums

Although Amsterdam is mostly known abroad for other things, the city features many fantastic museums. Only visit Van Gogh museum if you actually like his work. I personally prefer other museums like: Huis Marseille (photography) FOAM (photography) Rijksmuseum reopened in 2013 after 10 years of renovations and turned out splendid. It contains works of the …

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Fantastic photo expo in Clervaux castle (LUX)

I'm so happy I found the brochure about this photo exhibition in the Echternach tourist info bureau, a completely different town! In recent years I've always made a point of checking the tourist info bureau for brochures, leaflets, info, walks... and have always found great ideas there, also for the more obscure and hidden exhibitions and …

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Last sunny days in Porto

Tuesday 29 October 2013 (continued) After coming back to Porto Xandra and I went to Cafe Majestic, and then to a cinema to watch "Blue Jasmine" by Woody Allen. Had some dinner in that shopping mall. Wednesday 30 October 2013 Bike & beach again Having seen plenty of countryside during the car rides to Guimarães …

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