Lucca – lovely historical city

Thursday 28 September - Sunday 1st October: Lucca, Italy The drive went rather smoothly except for the maniac Italian drivers. A little rant just below! Halfway through I wanted to have lunch and asked my navigation system for a restaurant. Wow, it took me way off the route to the bleakest village you can imagine, …

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The Bavarian Alps, Germany

Saturday 23 September 2017 - lunch break in Heidelberg I had heard that Heidelberg was a really nice town so I decided to stop there for a few hours. Unfortunately, a gazillion other people had had the same idea and it took half an hour to find a parking garage which still had room. And …

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Amsterdam tips: daytrips to other places

(Picture above: Rotterdam, seen from a watertaxi)  If you have 3 or more full days in Amsterdam you could consider visiting another place in the Netherlands. There are various beautiful historical towns and other sights within a 30 minute train/bus ride, even more within a 60 minutes radius. Zaanse Schans windmills & craft shops Okay, …

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Amsterdam tips: recommended restaurants

You can find restaurants and eateries all over town, but here are some of my favorites. It's always a good idea to make reservations in advance. City center / North: EYE restaurant This modern design building and film institute has a very good and popular restaurant. It has a design interior but with a warm …

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Sicily 2017

11 days road tripping through wonderful Sicily. Amazing food, friendly people, beautiful vistas, lovely historical towns. Way too much to see for only 11 days.

Berlin and surroundings 2016

A 10 day holiday in one of my favorite places on earth: Berlin! 😀 I had visited 6 times before but I can't get enough of this place. If it weren't for my life back home (friends, work, beach volleyball etc) I'd move there.     I drove over by car and brought my own …

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My map with recommended places (2015 info) Sunday 27 September I got into Málaga on the high speed AVANT train from Córdoba. Went to the marina in evening, lovely place to stroll around.  The moon was hanging very low and red and was shining in the sea. Monday 28 September Went to the beach, it was …

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