Amsterdam tips: daytrips to other places

If you have 3 or more full days in Amsterdam you could consider visiting another place in the Netherlands. There are various beautiful historical towns and other sights within a 30 minute train/bus ride, even more within a 60 minutes radius. Zaanse Schans windmills & craft shops Okay, this was built for tourists, and yes …

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Amsterdam tips: off the beaten track

Tired of running into so many other tourists? These are some nice places off the beaten path. Buurtboerderij Ons Genoegen - local farm & cafe This formerly squatted farm Buurtboerderij is a tranquil and unique place in Amsterdam. It's a hippie sort of place with very cheap tea from a big tank and pancakes (not …

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Amsterdam tips: parks and city beaches

Vondelpark The most famous park of Amsterdam, and still very beautiful. The part closest to the center can get very crowded though. You can go have a drink at Blauwe Theehuis in the middle of Vondelpark or at Vondeltuin (way in the back near Amstelveenseweg; less tourists!). Go see a show for free at the …

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My take on solo travel

Why travel solo? People often think it's a last resort, or a solution for pathetic people with no friends. The opposite can also be true. Your own company can be quite pleasant! Many people go traveling alone by choice. Because we love it. Much as I love going on trips with good friends, I also …

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Sicily 2017

11 days road tripping through wonderful Sicily. Amazing food, friendly people, beautiful vistas, lovely historical towns. Way too much to see for only 11 days.

Berlin and surroundings 2016

A 10 day holiday in one of my favorite places on earth: Berlin! 😀 I had visited 6 times before but I can't get enough of this place. If it weren't for my life back home (friends, work, beach volleyball etc) I'd move there. I drove over by car and brought my own bike. I …

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Echternach – Berdorf hike

The Echternacht tourist bureau had recommended the 11 kilometer E1 hike which forms a loop from Echternach to Berdorf and back another way. It's supposed to take 4 hours (going up- and downhill a lot). I expected to need more but it was actually very accurate, even including several breaks. Good signposts They said it …

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