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Recommendations by a local

My lovely home town Amsterdam has about 835,000 inhabitants (and is growing by 10,000+ per year). It feels like a big village, easily covered on foot, by bike, or by tram/metro/bus, but has all the amenities of a metropole.

Some visitors see only the inside of a cannabis ‘coffeeshop’, and women behind red lighted windows. This tiny part of Dutch culture might be an interesting experience for some. Most Amsterdammers hate it.

For those of you who want to get to know the many blissful sides of Amsterdam that the locals like: here are my personal recommendations. Enjoy our beautiful city!

View from A’DAM tower


On these pages you can find:


I hope you will enjoy your visit to our beautiful city! I’d love to hear how it went. You can leave comments below.

5 thoughts on “Amsterdam tips

  1. Love all your suggestions on Amsterdam. When looking at your suggestion of the Purse Museum I see that it’s closed on April 27 for King Day? That’s exactly when I’ll be there – Apr 26-28, flying home on the 29. Is King Day a big deal? Will lots of museums be closed? Will people have the day off from work and therefore the tulip gardens will be even more crowded? Ant Special events that might take place that would be fun for visitors to attend? Thanks for any thoughts you might have on Kings Day.


    1. Hi Sandy, lots of museums are open on King’s Day but apparently the Museum of Bags and Purses is not. King’s Day is a nation-wide party and holiday. In Amsterdam it can get very crowded, but I think museums will be quieter. You don’t need to focus on specific events, just wander around and follow your nose. Read more here:
      The tulip gardens are mostly visited by foreigners and are busy every day.


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