Malawi 2000

In August and September of 2000 (at age 26) I went on a 4 week holiday to Malawi and Zambia. I went on my own and I worked out my schedule while I was there. It was an excellent trip and I never regretted going solo!

Trip report

You can read all about the people I met and the things I encountered in my unpolished travel tales from here onwards.


This was my first real solo holiday. I had been to Italy alone before at age 19, but I lived in a house with other foreigners and I was learning Italian so I was with my classmates 5 days a week.

This time it was really just me myself and I, to Malawi and a national park in Zambia, eastern Africa! 4 weeks touring around by bus, ferry and safari jeep. I’ve written an article about my take on solo travel.


Why I chose Malawi

People ask me why I chose Malawi for my holiday.
Ever since I was a kid I have felt drawn to Africa. I was fascinated by documentaries on Africa’s wildlife (especially lions and cheetas), primitive tribal life, dances and music, etc.

I read up on a lot of countries and would love to visit many of them in the future.

But reading about Malawi I discovered that it would fit my purposes even better: it’s relatively small, safe, extremely friendly, and there is lots to see and do. It is nicknamed “Africa for beginners” or “the warm heart of Africa”.

Malawi’s highlights

There are various National Parks, mountainous hiking areas, a huge lake (about 500km long) with lots of water sports like kayaking, diving, snorkeling, sailing etc. All over the country there are some interesting museums which feature items from David Livingstone and other early missionaries, and all kinds of other cultural objects and information on flora and fauna.

What I loved most about Malawi was to see the way the local people live, it just gives you a whole new perspective of your own life and your own country.

For more information about Malawi check out the following web sites:

My trip report

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