Höhr-Grenzhausen – cute German village

Fri 22 - Sat 23 September 2017 For my Italy road trip this was a convenient first stop near Koblenz. The apartment turned up in a wide Booking search and was really good value for money. Had a nice beer, did a short 45 minute walk in the hills, and had a typically German dinner. …

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My take on solo travel

Why travel solo? People often think it's a last resort for pathetic people with no friends. The opposite can also be true. Your own company can be quite pleasant! Many people go traveling alone by choice. Because we love it. Much as I love going on trips with good friends, I also love traveling all …

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Echternach – Berdorf hike

The Echternacht tourist bureau had recommended the 11 kilometer E1 hike which forms a loop from Echternach to Berdorf and back another way. It's supposed to take 4 hours (going up- and downhill a lot). I expected to need more but it was actually very accurate, even including several breaks. Good signposts They said it …

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Historical Trier

It was going to be a very rainy day so instead of doing the hike I had in mind, I visited Trier in Germany, and Echternach in Luxembourg. Trier turned out to be a pleasant town. Parking was quite expensive though. I had a good lunch at some Italian place. Visited the cathedral, did some …

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Valencia, Spain 2016

A 5 day winter escape to Spanish Valencia. Good food, nice markets, good shops, a mix of historical and modern architecture, nice cycling in the former-riverbed park, a beach... But also: cockroaches, lots of one-way streets in the city (not good for cycling), urine and car fume smells. Be warned. 😉  


My map with recommended places (2015 info) Sunday 27 September I got into Málaga on the high speed AVANT train from Córdoba. Went to the marina in evening, lovely place to stroll around.  The moon was hanging very low and red and was shining in the sea. Monday 28 September Went to the beach, it was …

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Thursday 24 September Arrived by AVE high speed train. My Airbnb apartment is crazy big and cheap! It could easily fit a family of 6 but I have it all to myself. 🙂 And smack in the middle of the center. Wow... The lady who received me barely stopped chattering in her funny Andalucian accent …

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