Artistic Pietrasanta

Saturday 7 – Sunday 8 October 2017

To break the journey to Switzerland I stayed one night in this picturesque village that Mario had recommended to me: Pietrasanta (holy stone?).

The drive over was very beautiful! For the most part is was the same road I had already driven, only then in quite heavy rain so I didn’t see much. And this time it was sunny, and I had impressive Appennine mountains in view most of the time!



The Palagi hotel had two cute black cats, who were almost as stoic as cats in cat cafes: they get petted all the time and don’t really respond anymore. But the male cat did purr and lie on its back for me.

Exploring the town

I had a look inside the church, apparently some artist’s work was displayed there too, as well as on the town square.

I walked up the hill for views, as recommended to me by the hotel lady, then had good IPA beers on the village square.

It got cold pretty quickly so I went back to the hotel and changed, it was just meters away from the square anyway. I walked through various streets looking for a restaurant that I liked. Doing so, I came across numerous art galleries and artistic expressions in homes.


I had a very good vegetable soup in a rock music themed cafe (with black and white pictures of Kurt Cobain, the Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop and more). And I couldn’t resist getting a Nutella pancake.


On Sunday morning unfortunately the cats weren’t there. But when I got my car from the private car park, the universe sent me another cute cat. Then it was time to drive to Switzerland where I’ve never been before!


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