Riva del Garda – lounging by Lago di Garda, Italy

Monday 25 – Thursday 28 September 2017

Monday: breakfast in Germany, lunch in Austria, dinner in Italy

On Monday I drove to Italy through the Austrian Alps, passing Innsbruck. What a beautiful ride!

Lunch in Austria

But who hands out driving licenses for free to the Italians?! My my, I should be used to it after driving on Sicily in March, but after Germany it is a shock all over again what bad drivers Italians are. Almost pushing you off the road, or driving on the stripes instead of between them, or making you hit the brakes hard because they suddenly change lanes without looking.

But all in all it was a pleasant ride without traffic jams and with beautiful mountain views and various castles and monasteries on lone hilltops.

Touristy Riva del Garda

After the last part of the drive was a bit hectic through touristy, crowded, small streets, I arrived at the hotel and parked in their parking lot. But then found myself locked in! Spent 15 minutes going all around the grounds, all doors and gates locked.

Finally I managed to reach the reception via a roundabout way and they were surprised that the parking lot had been open. I was a bit grumpy by then, and my room was very hot and smelled of smoke and the wifi hardly worked.

The staff were willing to let me have a room on the other, shady side. I tipped the cleaning lady well for the extra work on changing the sheets. That room didn’t smell of smoke and had working wifi so I was happy! (I like to watch Netflix late at night.)

I went into town and discovered it is extremely touristy. Almost all shops are aimed at tourists, and all restaurants have English and German signs and German beers. Oh well… the vibe is good though, the buildings are pretty and colorful, the lake and mountains look beautiful, and though overpriced the food is good. And the weather is nice and mild, not too hot.

Some kind of oldtimer car event is taking place for 3 days in a row already.

And I found a nice local beer cafe with mostly Italian guests, Pub All’Oca.

Bike ride along the lake shore

On Tuesday I took out my folding bike and rode along the lake shore for a while, nice to see the pebbled beaches, people windsurfing, kayaking, cycling. I had a good lunch at a lovely place overlooking a pebble beach and the lake. Then biked some more and ended up in Torbole, where I had a few beers on a nice hidden terrace.


By the way I was clumsy on my bike the other day with my hiking boots on, and accidentally the big shoe hit and broke off the key of the main lock of the bike. 😦 But I still have another lock (takes more time though).

Hike and bike ride

On Wednesday I hiked up the hill right by the hotel, to Bastion, a 16th century fortress. And down via another way. There is also a beautiful cafe there overlooking the lake and where I spent time before and after the hike.


After that I showered and went for another short bike ride to a place I enjoyed yesterday and had some more drinks there (they have ginger beer, mmm).


And the universe must have sensed that I miss Lola, because I have not seen any cats anywhere but today 2 came my way. 1 is in the photos. Cute…


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