The Bavarian Alps, Germany

Saturday 23 September 2017 – lunch break in Heidelberg

I had heard that Heidelberg was a really nice town so I decided to stop there for a few hours. Unfortunately, a gazillion other people had had the same idea and it took half an hour to find a parking garage which still had room. And I wasn’t all that charmed by this overly touristy town. But anyway I had chai latte in a very nice cafe, walked to the bridge for some views, and had a good lunch of some Spanish tapas there.


Sat 23 Sept – Mon 25 Sept 2017 – Oberammergau in the Alps in Bavaria, south Germany

Today’s ride was a bit too tiring with lots of roadworks, but gladly the terrible traffic jams I saw were all in the other direction. Oberammergau is a super cute Bavarian town! My hotel Parkhotel Sonnenhof was also very nice.


In the hotel, the female staff are dressed in funny old-fashioned dresses almost like dirndls. And – very unfair – the men are not dressed in lederhosen but in normal pants and blouses!

Everyone was very friendly again. I had dinner in the hotel’s restaurant because I was starving.


On Sunday I took the Laberbergbahn cable lift up the mountain, where various hiking trails started / ended.


It started off with this fantastic restaurant right at the top of the cable lift, called Laber Berggaststätte:


I thought I would be able to walk more or less on the same level up high, but my (circular) hike started with steep descents on very uneven terrain, very hard on my sore knees, but with stunning views.



Many of the paths were quite challenging for me as a flat-country person! One miss-step and you fall down a steep slope for at least dozens of meters, see examples below.


But lots of people were walking there with their kids and all, so I guess I am just a sissy not used to anything.

And then of course I also had to go up, up, up again, zig zagging and walking steep paths. Oof! But it was very rewarding.


Being the clumsy hiker that I am, and some of the paths being just deep soft mud, this is what I looked like after a while… ha ha:


For a long while I also heard cow bells, and I was hoping to see the cows. And I did. It’s such nice ‘music’ in the mountains, so typically German! But I wonder if the cows don’t go crazy from the constant noise with every small move they make.


After about 4 hours including breaks I ended up back at that restaurant with the fantastic views and had pumpkin soup and a nice weizener beer there.


Unfortunately the hotel’s masseurs were not working today, but I sat in the sauna and steam room for a while.

Good dinner

I had found a good restaurant on the internet with creative dishes and had a very good meal with a fish assortment and gnocchi. It’s called Mundart and their menu was partly in Bayerisch. For example I learned that ‘something sweet and small’ is ‘wos kloanes siass’ (this turned out to be chocolate mousse and mango icecream). They also had very nice walnut liquor for only €2.90 which was almost like Amaretto.

Back at the hotel I watched a movie and slept like a baby.

Some more photos below…



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