Thursday 17 September

Driving up onto the beautiful, narrow, winding, medieval streets of Sepúlveda was like… wow… is this actually allowed?! It felt like such a privilege.


I had booked an expensive ‘splurge’ hotel, more than twice as expensive as the one in Cuenca… but it was a bit disappointing. Just alright, not as fantastic as I had hoped for that money.
The elderly lady receiving me was super friendly though. She also runs a bakery /pastry shop right below where I bought some delicious things. Many of them were also there to pick with the free breakfast.

In the evening I walked up to a viewpoint, seeing most of the small village while doing so. It seemed like a sleepy town with old people mostly. The young people probably moved to cities.

The local people stared at me (but also greeted me (back) in a friendly manner), probably they don’t see many young tourists here, or solo ones? I only saw a few other tourists, it being a week day, and they were all over 60.
One old guy on a terrace started babbling all kinds of questions at me but he had so few teeth that I couldn’t make out what he was saying. So in the end I just acted like I didn’t understand Spanish… poor guy. 🙂

I had yummie tapas in a nice bar which showed basketball on TV as well, the Spanish were in the semi finals and won.

Friday 18 September


I visited Ermita de San Frutos cloister and canyon during the hottest hours of the day. It being ‘only’ 21 degrees Celsius (70F) I thought it would be doable but walking on that scorching bare earth it felt a lot hotter.

At the parking lot I saw 5 big buses. As it turned out hundreds of screaming and shouting and babbling school kids were visiting the cloister at that time. Luckily they were just leaving! After about 15 minutes I had the place almost to myself.

In the evening I had more tapas at two different bars while sitting outside enjoying the sun, and I watched Spanish TV in the hotel.




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