Back in Bogotá to join Fedra

Population: 7.4 million
Altitude: 2,625 meters / 8,612 feet
Temperature when I was there: in daytime about 20-25º Celsius / 68-77º Fahrenheit, at night 5ºC / 41ºF

Thursday 24th January 2013 (continued)

Bus trip

The bus ride went fine but when I thought we were finally in Bogotá (north terminal) it took another hour and a half to the main terminal. There I waited for a minibus into town but when it came it drove off without stopping! 😦 So I took a taxi which turned out cheap, COP 10.000 (5 euros) for a 20 minute ride. Dinner Had a lovely dinner near the hotel, of chicken (pechuga a la plancha), jacket potatoes with guacamole and a salad, and guanabana juice. Mmmm… Now waiting for Fedra to land and get here! We’ll travel together these last 3 weeks.

Friday 25th January

Bogotá revisited

And *poof*, suddenly Fedra is here to join my travels! It does help that we stayed in touch and she had sort of travelled with me from a distance, seeing the photos and hearing / reading the stories.


Today we basically did what I did before in Bogotá: took the cable car up to beautiful Monserrate mountain, went and got cash from an ATM, went to the book store where I got two more novels in Spanish. We also went to a few markets and I bought two funky rings for COP 8.000 (€4). They are made of a plant’s hard fruit.
Fedra was looking for pants and a nice leather bag but didn’t find the right ones yet. Now that Fedra is here you will suddenly see a lot of photos of me appearing in my blog. 🙂


We had a nice meal at the same restaurant that I was at yesterday, two blocks from the hotel. On the little plaza near the hotel a lot of young Colombians, hippies and drunks hang out and make noise deep into the night during weekends. There are performances by street artists and people jam and sing. At the same time it feels a bit dodgy because of 24/7 police presence and lots of drunks and people high on who-knows-what. Oh well, it is an A location, and ear plugs go a long way!

Stories about Scopamine* make me act very carefully with people who radiate bad vibes and who suddenly approach me unexpectedly.

* Scopolamine: “The most dangerous drug in the world: ‘Devil’s Breath’ chemical from Colombia can block free will, wipe memory and even kill – Scopolamine often blown into faces of victims or added to drinks; – Within minutes, victims are like ‘zombies’ – coherent, but with no free will; – Some victims report emptying bank accounts to robbers or helping them pillage own house; – Drug is made from borrachero tree, which is common in Colombia.” Read more.

Saturday 26th January

Leaving Bogotá

We got an 8 am taxi to the bus terminal. The driver was a bit grumpy because we had discussed the price he mentioned. But in the end the meter turned out cheaper than he had said, and I gave him a tip, the sun came out in his brilliant smile and I had made his day. By the way, did you know that in Colombia a tip (fooi) is called ‘para tinto’ = ‘for coffee’? They call black coffee ‘tinto’.

(Read about my earlier days in Bogotá, and my last day in Bogotá.)

Some more photos…



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