Clubbing in Lilongwe

Unable to go to Livingstonia, I stayed in Mzuzu for a while, had a few
nice baths in my tub, some good breakfasts that went with the room, did
lots of reading and relaxing, and had some walks through town. Mzuzu was
the first place I ever saw a Malawian woman not wearing a long skirt,
but trousers.

Then I took a big bus to Lilongwe and stayed at Kiboko
Camp just outside town, a very nice lodge / camp run by Dutch people.
About the most expensive one in its league, but well worth it. They have
a great restaurant with varying menu as well.

Here I ran into a group of Dutch package tour travellers and their guide,
a Dutch woman a little older than me. We got talking and they invited
me to come clubbing with them that evening in Lilongwe. I thought, what
the heck and went with them, even though clubbing is not really a thing
I am looking for on a holiday like this.

As I had expected, the nightclub was pretty shifty and the music sucked,
but it was really amusing to see what was going on. Here I saw a type
of Malawian women I had never seen in the streets. Lots of make-up, long
hair, sexy dress, rather than the short haired, long skirt wearing women
I’d seen in the streets. They reminded me of the prostitutes in the hotel
in Blantyre.

Lots of flirting was going on between the Malawians and also between them
and us. It was a bit hard to get rid of the guys coming onto the females
of our group, but we had a good time dancing and watching.


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