The flight – first solo trip!

The flight from Amsterdam to Nairobi (Kenya) took 8 hours, I was seated
next to an interesting Swedish lady of about 55 years old who was going
to attend a congress on the changes in relationships between men and women
in southern Africa. After a short layover on Nairobi it was two more hours
to Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. During this flight I had a little
blond 4 year old boy on my lap who kept chattering away in French, talking
about his family living in Malawi. A cutie.

Looking down just before landing I could already see lots of thatched
huts and people riding their bikes and I felt the usual excitement and
fear I always have just before landing. It’s like an adrenalin shot that
makes you tingle, sweat, get teary eyes. My holiday had started!


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